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Who’s Behind The Broken Screen?

Before we get to any game tape here, let’s just straighten one thing out: The sole purpose of this blog is to use game tape in an attempt to make a fair assessment of which players deserve praise, and which deserve blame. There’s no agenda here – as the old saying goes, the tape doesn’t […]

The Truth About “The Buttfumble”

If one play is going to haunt Mark Sanchez throughout the remainder of his career, it will be the so-called ‘butt fumble’. We’ve all seen it and we know exactly what happened: That clown quarterback ran straight up his own lineman’s ass. Cue hilarity and endless re-runs on Sportscenter. And then stop. Watch the tape. […]

Ricky Sapp: Ready To Roll?

Despite the fact that he was initially drafted in 2010, outside linebacker Ricky Sapp is still largely an unknown quantity in the NFL. After showing tremendous promise during his college career with Clemson, his progression to the big league via the Philadelphia Eagles was badly hampered by a knee injury that ultimately led to him […]